DVD "Across"

DVD "Across"

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BACK IN STOCK! The award-winning film about Christoph Strasser's first appearance in the longest and toughest non stop bike race in the world. The DVD offers the main film with 20 minutes of bonus material in German and English, plus subtitles in five languages.

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This in-depth sports documentation shows Christoph Strasser's first appearance at Race Across America, the longest and probably toughest bike race in the world. Across accompanies the young Austrian extreme cyclist and his team with the preparations and the race across America, through all the ups and downs that await them. Is the way the goal or does it take more than just the physical ability to endure such a challenge?
At RAAM, each participant struggles less with his colleagues than with his own problems. How important are mental strength and willpower for the 5000 km route from west to east?
In an exhausting 36 minutes you not only get an insight into the ultra racing bike scene, but also answers to the two most important questions:
How extreme is this sport and what ultimately determines the outcome of such a race: body or mind?


Languages: German / English Subtitles: Slovenski / English / Espanol / Francais / Italiano
DVD 16: 9 PAL
Main movie duration: 36 min
Bonus material Interviews: Jure Robic, Dani Wyss, Wolfgang Fasching, Christoph Strasser
Outtakes: team arrival, racer meeting, technical inspection
Trailer: three different trailers for Across Playing time bonus material: 20 min