Panaceo Sport & Green Health Pure Bio Maca capsules

Panaceo Sport & Green Health Pure Bio Maca capsules

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Panaceo Sport Capsules and Green Health Pure Organic Maca Capsules in Set.

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Panaceo SPORT 100% natural - 111% performance + Study proves: 11% performance increase on average in competitive athletes + Faster regeneration + Less lactate loading

PANACEO lays the foundation for top sporting achievements. Performance enhancement is only possible if the body is free of harmful substances. PANACEO Sport is suitable for: PANACEO relieves the body in a natural way and thus leads to shorter recovery times, lower lactate load and a stable immune system. Mode of action and function: Achieve an up to 11% increase in performance with PANACEO. With Panaceo Sport, you benefit from the power of the volcanic natural mineral PMA © -Zeolith / Klinoptilolith for new sporting achievements: because, energy-consuming pollutants in the body are quickly bound and lactic acid / lactate measurably reduced. At the same time natural magnesium and natural calcium are added to the body. In addition, the Maca plant, which grows to more than 4,000 m in the Andes, additionally increases physical performance and, at the same time, increases mental resilience. Performance enhancement is only possible if the body is free of harmful substances and slags. Panaceo Sport acts like a filter in the stomach and intestinal tract with the power of natural volcanic mineral and naturally relieves the body. This leads to shorter recovery times, measurably lower lactate load, longer training phases and also a stable immune system.
Can content: 180 capsules

1 capsule contains:
Zeolite - 307.50 mg
Maca - 27.33 mg
Dolomite - 75.17 mg (of which magnesium 15.79 mg, calcium 34.9 mg)

Capsule: cellulose

Recommended dosage:
Take 3 capsules 2-3 times daily for the main meals with a little water. Before the competition 12 capsules.

Organic maca powder from the organic maca root

Can support libido in men and women. The natural organic maca can also improve the physical and mental state and aphrodisiac act. May also increase libido independently of the hormones.
Can content: 90 capsules

Organic maca powder from organic farming
Capsule: Coating agent hydroxypropylmethylcellulose 90 mg

Recommended dosage:
Take 3 capsules daily with a little liquid without chewing

Nutritional information:
Pro ETD (3 capsules) Organic Maca Powder 1230mg

* NRV: Nutrient reference values according to EU food information regulation