Book "Strasser's Road" - written by Christoph Strasser // ENGLISH EDITION

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ENGLISH EDITION. In his book, Christoph Strasser, six time RAAM Winner, not only describes the ups and downs of his cycling career, but also provides insight behind the scenes of the longest and hardest ultra-cycling races worldwide.

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Strasser's Road - The Story of the Record-Setting Race Across America Winner (RAAM diary included)

Today’s most successful ultra-cyclist Christoph Strasser describes the highlights and setbacks of his experiences competing in and winning the Race Across America (RAAM), as well as setting multiple 24-hour world records. This autobiography offers an intimate look at the sacrifices required to compete at the top level of the grueling sport of ultra-endurance cycling. The book also imparts the importance of savoring the journey. “The joy in reaching a goal lasts only briefly,“ Strasser says, “real satisfaction comes in the small daily steps on the way there.”

“The book is not a motivational guide, but an open, honest biography with many insights behind the scenes of RAAM. Above all, I want to shed more light on my weaknesses, and the roadblocks I faced—because these ultimately led me to continually look for improvements. And I want to share my message that as a ‘normal’ person, you can achieve unimaginable things.”

Strasser’s Road: The Story of the Record-Setting Race Across America Winner goes beyond the usual sports biography; it offers life lessons about goals, achievements, and the many steps, joys, failures, and successes along the way.


336 pages, Hardcover
Complete book in colours, more than 200 pictures
ISBN 978-1-64234-005-1
published in May 2019, Octane Press

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Translation from the German original title "Der Weg ist weiter als das Ziel", which means, that the journey outshines the reward. Strasser's Road: The Story of the Record-Setting Race Across America Winner was translated by Vic Armijo, Head of Race Across America Media.

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